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Wanted: good lift chair. 606-516-5157
Wanted: old lawn mowers, free; chickens & rabbits, free. 606-310-8029
Wanted: silky hens. 606-310-2444
For Sale: Boar hog, Sow hog, each about 400 pounds, $125 each. 354-3089
Wanted: nice 2 bedroom trailer with land to buy or rent in Stearns or Parkers Lake areas. 606-516-4758
For Sale: 1/2 carrot black diamond ear rings; ruby ring; Wanted: 2 bedroom house to rent, reasonable price. 354-3197
For Sale: new 24' above ground pool liner. 606-516-4293
Wanted: 14 hand gelding horse, gentle, spook free. 606-765-9432
Wanted: 40 gallon hot water heater; nice, clean love seat. 354-3360
Wanted: 5" wide white vinyl siding; starters, alternators, batteries, etc. 606-310-8608
For Sale: cane mill. 606-528-1647
For Sale: 2012 Chevy Malibu $4000; 2005 Saturn Ion $2000. 376-9017
For Sale: like new saddle $150. 354-2641
For Sale: '96 Volvo $1250; old fashioned cabinet $500; couch, chair, coffee, end tables $500; Free: 12 x 60 mobile home. 376-5825
Wanted: coal, store & lumber scrip; spitz puppy. 606-304-1097
For Sale: '92 Honda Shadow motorcycle. 606-516-1010
For Sale: burn barrels; plastic feed barrels; diamond plated toolbox for small truck; loading ramps; 300 gallon water totes. 354-2214
For Sale: Kawasaki KFX 700 v-twin, rebuilt motor, good condition. 606-310-2314
For Sale: 22 caliber North American mini revolver. 606-516-6863
For Sale: 10'x7' garage doors; antique dresser set; antique cassette holder with tapes; single horse plow; misc other items. 606-310-1346
For  Sale: 38 stub nose Taurus $275; new welder with wire & warranty. 606-516-5058
For Sale: Snapper rear engine riding mower parts; left handed acoustic-electric guitar with case; Wanted: Briggs 15hp engine. 606-515-9246
Wanted: land to buy, possibly with trailer. 606-516-4758
Wanted: DR mower. 606-516-8721
For Sale: new trailer hitch $100; sets of green globe lamps; Stearns coal mining scrip; Wanted: chihuahua puppy.  354-3726
For Sale: 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix $600. 606-310-3168
For Sale: pump Remington 12 gauge shotgun; 32 Colt revolver; big suqre industrial fan. 354-2556
For Sale: heavy duty dryer; Honda water cool riding mowers; Wanted: insulated tin panels for underpinning. 376-7402
For Sale: baby goat on bottle; weedeaters. 606-401-5143
For Sale: 4 1/2 x 12' trailer $250; ping pong table; 2 pellet rifles. 606-425-1928
Wanted: toolbox for full size truck; breakdown muzzle loader; set of ton truck rims; 6" grinder; Wanted: good wood stove. 354-2839
For Sale: like new electric weedeater with string. 376-8197
For Sale: 22 mini 5 shot revolver. 606-516-6863
Wanted: free or cheap coondog puppy. 606-310-3478
Wanted: flat bottom 10'-12' boat; For Sale: '95 Camaro. 606-310-6272
For Sale: Mickey Thompson chrome rims; Dean electric guitar with amp; chickens.   606-546-2180
Wanted: gelding horse, gentle, spook proof, 14 hands high. 606-765-9432
Wanted: 2 bedroom trailer to rent or buy with land. 606-516-4758
Wanted: cheap laying hens or pullets; cheap guineas. 606-516-4076
Wanted: place to rent in Parkers Lake area of McCreary County. 606-310-6718
Wanted: 3 bedroom house or apartment to rent, allowing dogs. 606-516-8771
Wanted: headache rack for full size truck; For Sale: drop in gooseneck ball; tripod for 5th wheel camper; gooseneck adapter. 606-310-4869
Wanted: Chihuahua mix, free or cheap. 606-310-9544
Wanted: 2 barrel carb. for Ford. 606-516-5333
For Sale: 14' aluminum fishing boat with motor, trolling motor, trailer $975. 606-271-8697
For Sale: X Box One with 15 games, 3 controllers, 2 chargers, headseat $250. 606-516-1857
Wanted: push mower; weedeater. 376-8562
For Rent: 3 bedroom house in Strunk. 354-2039
For Sale: 44 caliber bulldog special; 22 Phoenix Arms auto pistol; 12 gauge pump shotgun. 606-310-0734
For Sale: Remington model 12-A 22 pump rifle $600; Colt 25 auto $400; Colt Woodsman $500; new aluminum loading ramps; toolbox for small truck. 354-2214
For Sale: 2 stage vac. pump for doing a-c work. 606-516-0206
For Sale/Trade: '68 Olds Cutlass convertible, needs restored. 354-3239
For Sale: 250 Masrhall by Honda 4 wheeler $1200. 354-4327
For Sale: seat from Ford Explorer or Expedition; bb guns, air rifles. 354-4350
For Sale: apartment size electric cook stove; refrigerator; campertop for full size F-150 truck. 606-310-4783
Wanted: Rally riding mower; transmission for LTX 1046 Cub Cadet mower. 606-310-4388
For Rent: small house in Stearns $350 per month plus deposit. 606-561-8974
Wanted: job caring for elderly. 606-425-3278
For Sale: watermelons; triple sweet corn; will do bush hogging, ditch witching. 354-4431
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